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16 December 2006 @ 07:53 pm
Week 50: Puget Sound Energy Warm Home Fund  
Twice in the past month, I have been without electricity for more than 24 hours. Never mind the lack of lights, television, or computers. Who cares that the traffic lights are out and no one remembers how a four way stop works. There's something far more important:

When there's no power, it gets cold.

We tend to forget that we live in climate controlled boxes that are always precisely 72 degrees, day and night, all year long. It's only when the power goes out that we realize just how much it sucks to huddle under blankets after the sun goes down.

Yet there are some people who do exactly that. Every month on my power bill, there's a check box that I ignore for the PSE Warm Home Fund. This month, I'm not going to ignore it.

Organization Information: http://www.pse.com/solutions/home_assistancePrograms.aspx